Monday, March 12, 2012

Decisions and Consequences.

Decisions and consequences are a main part in life. Decisions make up your entire life. Your life will change a lot or a little based on what choices you make. For example, If I choose to walk around the school and be late to my next class, I would walk into my next class without a pass and my teacher asks me where I was. I say, I was talking to my last teacher about something, and she does not believe me. She calls up my last teacher and explains what I said and she knew that I lied. Those decisions that I supposedly made in this example made me getting a detention.

One single decision can change your for ever. For better or worse. People don’t realize what the decision that they are about to make can effect them so much. For an other example, a person who does not want to do something, but an other person is pressuring them into doing it. I/f that person gives up into pear pressure, they could be ruining their life if it is something bad or even drug related. That person’s decision could change their life in a split second. That is why good decisions have good consequences, and bad decisions have bad consequences.

I have made some good decisions in my life, and then I made a couple of bad decisions in my life. The bad ones were not really a big deal, except for one. My friends and I went snowboarding and they wanted me to go off of a forty foot jump, but at first I did not want to at all. At the end of the night, we were the lift, when they started to make me give in to pear pressure. They started making me think about it. I was thinking that it couldn’t be that bad if littler kids are doing it. So I gave into pressure. When we got to the jump, my friends went off of it and then waited for me, I had no clue on speed so I went straight at it without stopping. I flew the landing by about 15 feet. I landed on a flat surface and my knee came up and nailed me square in the jaw and I chipped four teeth. That decision was a very stupid one, because I knew that I could not do it at the time. And four chipped teeth was my consequence.  

In the Old Man and the Sea, Santiago hooks a giant sea beast, that will be a very hard and determining battle to pull into his ship. He had to make a very hard decision, he either had to keep up the fight, or he could have let it go and go home because he has been at sea for three days so far. He chose to stick with the fish and try to battle it out.

He ends up getting the fish tied to his boat, but sharks come and eat it. He made that decision because he believed that he could catch that fish even though he hadn't had a bite from a fish in over eighty days. His confidence played a main role in that decision because without it he would have just dropped the line and went home. If he did not make that decision to go after that fish he would have no faith in himself when he got back to his home. That decision may have changed his life because it changed his bad luck of not catching a fish. 

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